Blocky Fodder

Blue Enemy


Blocky Fodder is here, its time for war
Take control of your blocky solider and immerse yourself in an excellent gaming experience
Block Fodder is a tribute to classic retro game done with a modern twist
Double tap the screen to move to a location, hold your finger to shoot.


How To Play

Simple gameplay. You are protected in an intrinsic, high-tech electronic membrane. The robots will attack and destroy with their weapons. Try to destroy them all in consecutive attacks. Just touch the robot to shoot, hold touch to shoot the machine. Destroying robots you will get money to equip grenades, rocket rockets, high pressure lightning with great destructive power.

Purple Enemy


The game has interesting gameplay, designed in a TPS third-person perspective, 3D graphics and beautiful fire smoke effects. Realistic and vivid sound. Bring the best experience in the game Defense genre

The game is completely free

I wish you have fun!

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